Fiology Lesson 10


Merriam-Webster defines a habit as an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary. While our money habits will shape how we achieve Financial Independence, habits impact all aspects of our lives. If we want to live more fulfilled lives, we need to shape our habits to support this objective. Understanding how habits form, and how our individual habits in particular have formed, we can identify ways to modify our behaviors and attitudes that result in an outcome more aligned with our goals and desires. This lesson will prepare and encourage us to take action today.

Watch:  The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg at TEDxTeachersCollege  by TEDx Talks on YouTube

Read:  The Habits Guide: How to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones  by James Clear of jamesclear.com (Note: Scroll down and begin at “What are Habits?”)

Watch:  10 Morning Habits Geniuses Use To Jump Start The Brain | Jim Kwik  by mindvalley on YouTube

Read:  Change Your Money Habits by Changing Your Money Story  by Alicia Adamczyk of twocents.lifehacker.com

Read:  5 Bad Habits That Are Costing You Money and How to Break Them  by Amy Livingston of moneycrashers.com

Read:  19 Simple Daily Habits for a Happier Life  by Maria Stenvinkel of tinybuddha.com

Take Action: Based on some of the ideas presented in this lesson and your experience, select 3-5 habits that you want to initiate or change. Develop a plan you believe will result in the positive changes. Execute the plan and record your progress daily. Include challenges, setbacks, alterations to your plan, progress, and the effect it has on your goals. If inclined, share this information in the comment section below. We can all benefit from real life success stories.

Additional Resources:

Listen:  Habit Stacking to Reach Your Goals  by Nick Elkins of gooddadproject.com

Read:  A Lifetime of Riches – Is it as Simple as a Few Habits?  by Pete Adeney of mrmoneymustache.com

Read:  How Habits Work  by Charles Duhigg of charlesduhigg.com

Read:  The Surprising Effect of Small Efforts over Time  by Pete Adeney of mrmoneymustache.com

Quote:  “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

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