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Tipping Culture

Tipping Culture in America: Has It Gotten Out of Control?

January 26, 2024

Tipping culture is a common practice in America, where customers are expected to give extra money to service workers, such as waiters, bartenders, hairdressers, or taxi drivers, as a way of showing appreciation and gratitude. Tipping culture is also a controversial topic, as it raises many questions and issues about the fairness, efficiency, and morality…

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Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury: An Inconvenient Truth for Ordinary Budgets

January 25, 2024

“Quiet luxury” might sound like an oxymoron, but it’s become a buzzword among the elite. It’s the art of splurging on the discreetly opulent – think luxury that doesn’t need to shout, but prefers a sophisticated whisper. However, as we peel back the layers of this trend, it becomes clear that for young professionals chasing…

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Lifestyle Inflation

Lifestyle Inflation: More Money, More Problems?

October 3, 2023

Financial success is a journey, not a mere destination. Along this path, many individuals encounter the subtle yet profound challenge of lifestyle…

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UTMA Account vs. Brokerage Account

UTMA Account vs Brokerage Account: Navigating Your Child’s Financial Future

October 3, 2023

Every parent aspires to set the foundation for their child’s prosperous future, and the UTMA account often emerges as a potential cornerstone…

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climbing out of debt and losing weight

How Climbing Out of Debt is Similar to Losing Weight

September 30, 2023

Why Climbing Out of Debt and Losing Weight are Similar If you are struggling with debt or excess weight, you might feel…

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Should I Quit My Job

Should I Quit My Job? How to Decide When It’s Time to Move On

September 29, 2023

Have you pondered the question, should I quit my job? Are you feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or burned out at your current job?…

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Fire Your Financial Advisor

Fire Your Financial Advisor: 10 Reasons to Take Charge of Your Financial Future

September 25, 2023

In recent years, the call to fire your financial advisor has grown louder, echoing in the corridors of investment circles, especially those…

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Halloween Hacks

Halloween Hacks for a Wallet-Friendly Celebration

September 19, 2023

Halloween, the season of spooks and thrills, is upon us. While the festivities bring joy and excitement, they can sometimes be accompanied…

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Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments Can Keep You Poor!

September 14, 2023

In the modern era of convenience and instant gratification, the allure of “Monthly Payments” schemes seems too good to resist. From gadgets…

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100 Envelope Challenge

100 Envelope Challenge 2024: Unlocking Your Savings Potential One Envelope at a Time

September 7, 2023

The Growing Trend of the 100 Envelope Challenge: In recent years, the 100 Envelope Challenge has captured the imaginations and ignited the…

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Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity May Actually Save You Money

September 1, 2023

In today’s bustling marketplace, the saying “Quality Over Quantity” isn’t just an old adage—it’s a guiding light for smart purchasing decisions. As…

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