Fiology Lesson 23: Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?


This lesson assumes you currently have a mortgage on a primary residence and you are deliberating between paying it off as soon as you can, making payments for the full term, or some hybrid between the two. Numbers, psychology, and behavioral finance are all part of the equation. Because we have learned to Let Our Values Guide Our Decisions in Fiology Lesson 11, you will make a decision that works for you at this point of your journey and you will continue to revisit and reconsider over time. That is just fine. This lesson provides us with different and justifiable perspectives to consider.

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Take Action: Visit Mortgage Payoff Calculator – Extra Payments. Familiarize yourself with the calculator by inserting your loan amount and the time duration for which you could pay off your mortgage. You will see how much a monthly additional payment would be and the interest savings for your assertiveness. During this exercise try to imagine what it would feel like to no longer have a mortgage payment and to possibly be 100% debt-free. Is that worth a few percentage points difference you may have earned if you kept the mortgage payments the same and invested additional funds in a stock market index fund?

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Quote: “Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” – Matsuo Basho

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