Having Faith in Financial Independence by Becky and Stephen Heptig - Fiology

I’m Becky, I’m 64 years old and have been married to Stephen for more than 40 years. We have three adult children. Like many, we’ve faced life challenges and didn’t always make the most calculated or ideal financial choices. While we are fortunate to have found sound financial footing, we’ve come a long way since … Read more

Sequence of Returns Risk: Don’t Risk Your Retirement

This is the header image for the Fiology lesson Sequence of Returns Risk: Don't Risk Your Retirement. The image depicts a sign that indicates warning, there may be trouble ahead, proceed with caution to indicate we need to be aware of the risks returns, positive or negative, can have on our intentions to retire early and stay retired.

Do not ignore sequence of returns risk. Sequence of returns risk can make or break your plans of becoming and remaining financially independent or retired. What determines our investment success? Silly question! Returns, of course! The higher the average compound return the higher your final portfolio value. Indeed, for buy-and-hold investors, the compound average growth … Read more

Passive Index Fund Investing to Build Wealth

Passive index fund investing is a preferred method of wealth-building by many pursuing Financial Independence. Most people do not have the time and motivation to conduct the in-depth research to confidently pick individual stocks in companies that will make them Financially Independent. We would need to know if a stock is undervalued or overvalued, how … Read more