CampFI Southeast 2021 – The Experience

CampFI Southeast 2021 January - The Experience - Fiology

What is CampFI? CampFI is a 4-day, 3-night weekend event where fans of Financial Independence gather to gain insight, inspiration, and incredible lifelong friendships. CampFI Southeast was held from 8 – 11 January and was the first CampFI held in 2021. CampFI is short for Camp Financial Independence. The founder, Stephen Baughier, held the first … Read more


Health, Hope, Happiness, and Financial Independence by Chris and Debbie Emick - Fiology

With the script for the American Dream held tightly in hand, I set out to live my dream life by pursuing the one and only path. I knew that a college degree in a high-tech field would give me a head start. I found a career with a real honest-to-goodness pension plan and a 401(k). … Read more


Putting Things Back Where They Belong by Nick and Carol Keesey

From College Dropout to… My wife, Carol, and I met in spring 2014. She was living in Frederick, Maryland, working as an au pair, and I was a student at Penn State. A few months later, I decided to drop out of college. I did so to pursue a business I had started about a … Read more


Bouncing Back with the BRRRR Method by Jen and Zack Reeves

Over the past four years, my husband and I have journeyed from virtually no hope of ever retiring to tripling our net worth and earning enough passive income to nearly cover our monthly expenses. We realized this through strategic real estate investing and credit our current position almost entirely to the Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, … Read more

Your Why of Financial Independence

This is the lesson header image for the Fiology lesson that helps you determine why you want to pursue Financial Independence.

Discussion:  You understand the definition of Financial Independence.  You are intrigued enough to pursue FI, but why?  It is important to know the why because this journey can be long, challenging, at times boring, and daunting.  The “why” will be needed to help you maintain your motivation?  It will also help you justify your journey when others take notice or are interested in beginning their FI journey.