Financial Independence for Family

Financial Independence for Family by Juan and Maria Fernandez - Fiology

I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1980 and I think that makes me a borderline millennial with some behaviors from Generation X. I was raised by frugal parents who taught me the value of hard work and saving for the future. Modest Beginnings My parents came from low income families. In South America this … Read more

Your Why of Financial Independence

This is the lesson header image for the Fiology lesson that helps you determine why you want to pursue Financial Independence.

Discussion:  You understand the definition of Financial Independence.  You are intrigued enough to pursue FI, but why?  It is important to know the why because this journey can be long, challenging, at times boring, and daunting.  The “why” will be needed to help you maintain your motivation?  It will also help you justify your journey when others take notice or are interested in beginning their FI journey.