Fiology Lesson 27: Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a type of meditation that focuses on the experience of the present. It is a technique used to increase focus and reduce or eliminate the influence that overpowering negative emotions have on our mood, attitude, and actions.

Research suggests many benefits of mindfulness including reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as lower blood pressure and deeper sleep. Our physical and psychological well-being have significant impact on how we approach finances and by extension, our Financial Independence journey. The more we are aware of this, the better we can respond to impulses without negative consequence to our bottom line and we may even become a little happier along the way.

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Take Action: Based on the ChooseFI podcast and your review of the Meditation Apps from healthline.com, decide on and incorporate a trial period that you are going to attempt some form of mindfulness. Keep track of your progress, thoughts, results, etc. Identify improvements resulting from your new practice.

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Quote: “Observe the space between your thoughts, then observe the observer.” – Hamilton Boudreaux

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