About Fiology and the Motivation Behind It

What is Fiology?

The study of financial independence

Fiology.com is an educational resource designed to teach you about Financial Independence (FI). We have scoured the internet to find content from the best and brightest of the FI community and have created lessons covering the critical concepts of FI.

I addition, there is original content, financial coach references, and real money stories from real people from the Financial Independence Community.

We have seen and lived firsthand the benefits of FI. Our goal is simple: to share information and encourage others to achieve FI.

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A Note from the Founder of Fiology

In 2015, my brother Stephen introduced me to Mr. Money Mustache. This was the first time I heard someone articulate in a matter-of-fact tone what I already believed about the value of money and how to use it to position myself and my family for a fulfilling future. And of course this led me to many other valuable sites and blogs that discuss Financial Independence.

Prior to this Financial Independence revelation, I purchased my first rental property in 2011. It was a single family 3 bedroom / 2 bath typical ranch style brick home in my hometown. Since then, I’ve purchased and sold rental properties in the same area. These properties provide income every month. I'm now retired from the military after 20 years of service. The military pension, the cashflow from rental properties, and a sizable amount invested in index funds allow me to claim my Financial Independence.

I want you to claim your Financial Independence!

I no longer have to put on a uniform and go to work. I am able to pursue my passions. And isn’t that what life should be about?

My motivations for Fiology are simple – to spread the message of Financial Independence while highlighting some of the best and brightest in the Financial Independence community. The majority of the material Fiology uses is free and readily available elsewhere on the internet. The value of Fiology is that it takes that information and organizes it into an easy reference that we can share with those interested in the concept of Financial Independence. I have found the FI community to be overwhelmingly generous with their time, effort, and knowledge. I believe you will too.

Welcome to the Financial Independence Community!

Very Respectfully,
David Q. Baughier
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