Financial Coaches

Financial Independence Coaches can provide great value on our journey.

The Financial Independence Coaches listed here agree to:

  1. Act in your best personal and financial interest.
  2. NOT promote financial products for which they receive financial compensation.
  3. Be transparent regarding their level of knowledge and limitations and, upon request, refer you to other professional(s) they deem appropriate for your circumstance.
  4. Help you through the Fiology course as presented, if desired.

Meet your Financial Independence Coaches!

Note: Any agreement between a client and a Financial Independence Coach profiled on Fiology is entirely independent of Fiology.

David Baughier

Your escort to Financial Independence
Financially Independent, Founder of Fiology

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Heather Albrecht

Helping women achieve better balance through financial freedom.
Financial Life Coach, Blogger, Entrepreneur

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Kelly Blodgett

I guide millennial women to gain control of their financial futures by clarifying their goals and creating a roadmap to their dream life.

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Kelsa Dickey

On a mission to take the stress out of money.
FCA, Blogger, Podcast Host

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Steven Donovan

Creating your roadmap to financial freedom.

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Lisa Duke

Discover what matters as you master your money.
Entrepreneur, Podcast Host

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Mary-Ellen Fimbel

In debt up to your ears or on your way to financial independence, I welcome you.

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David Gourley

Helping you create a life of options.

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Amberly Grant

Real estate investing, house hacking, getting your financial sh!t together. I am your gal to get started, level up and achieve your goals.
Entrepreneur, Blogger, Speaker

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Bill Hampton

Your financial success is a matter of choice, not chance.
AFSP, CFEI, RFC®, Fee-Only

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Whitney Hansen

I paid off $30K in 10 months, bought my first house when I was 19, paid $472 for my MBA, and travel the world on a budget. And you can too!
Blogger, Podcast Host

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Scott Henderson

Helping you build a foundation for financial independence.
Accredited Financial Counselor®, Blogger

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Alise Jackson

Teaching you the playbook of your money!
Entrepreneur, Investor, Money Coach, YouTuber

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Justin McCurry

Retired in 2013 at age 33. Life is good.

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Naseema McElroy

I’m here to show you how taking control of your finances makes it possible to eliminate debt, and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

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Todd Miller

I help busy professionals create a plan to build wealth and fulfill their dreams.
Transformation Coach, Investor

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Holly Morphew

Helping professionals and entrepreneurs create personal wealth and financial independence.

Accredited Financial Counselor®, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Investor

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Ian Nohner

Realize your life vision and purpose through mindful financial practices.

CFP®, Life Coach, and World Traveler

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Garrett Philbin

Helping people build financial confidence to start their own business and quit the 9 to 5.
Blogger, Podcast Host

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Jamila Souffrant

Become a journeyer.

Blogger, Podcast Host

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Josh Stine

Your path to financial freedom starts here.

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Justin Taylor

Your guide on your financial independence journey.

Blogger, Podcast Host

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Paul Thompson

Always invest in yourself. Lead a life of your design.
Real Estate Investor, Podcast Host

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Brenda Uekert

Take charge of your finances and build an amazing life.


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Why would you want a Financial Independence Coach?

There are many reasons to consider financial coaching. You want reassurance, peace of mind, accountability, expertise, and motivation. If you want to explore coaching, the coaches listed here are reputable within the Financial Independence community and agree to tenets that commit them to your best personal and financial interests.

Once you begin this journey, you'll notice that the Financial Independence community is overwhelmingly generous with their time, effort, and knowledge. We all have the ability to reach Financial Independence by our own actions. But there are times we can benefit from having an experienced Financial Independence Coach in our corner. Individually we have our strengths and challenges. Having another perspective may help you understand a concept more thoroughly or help you prioritize your work-life balance.

Do You Want to Become a Financial Independence (FI) Coach?

If you are a fan of Financial Independence and want to become a Financial Independence Coach, learn more from Kelsa Dickey at Financial Coach Academy. I've known Kelsa for a few years now. She is extremely passionate about helping people learn to help even more people with their finances.

Once I notified Kelsa that I was sharing her amazing site and courses with you, she graciously offered a referral link. If you visit Financial Coach Academy using this link and it results in the purchase of one or more of her services or courses, she will contribute a portion of the proceeds to Fiology to help spread the message of Financial Independence. Thanks Kelsa.