Financial Independence coaching with David

There is value in discussing your specific circumstances with someone who has achieved Financial Independence and desires to see you do the same. I am familiar with balancing the dynamics of life and money. Your FI journey is unique. I'm here to support. Let's meet!

I am here to support!

I want you to achieve your Financial Independence!

In 2015, my brother introduced me to the world of Financial Independence. This was the first time I heard someone articulate in a matter-of-fact tone what I already believed about the value of money - that money can be used as a tool to help shape the life I wanted to design and live.

In 2011, prior to my Financial Independence revelation, I purchased my first rental property. Since then, I’ve bought and sold rental properties in the same area. These properties provide income every month. I'm now retired from the military after 20 years of service. The military pension, the cashflow from rental properties, and a sizable amount invested in index funds allowed me to claim my Financial Independence.

I no longer have to put on a uniform and go to work. I am able to pursue my passions. And isn’t that what life should be about?

If you think I can be of assistance, please reach out.

Welcome to the Financial Independence Community!

Very Respectfully,
David Q. Baughier
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