Everything you need to know to achieve Financial Independence

Along this journey you will discover others like you, who see the world differently than most. We will help nurture your journey. It is in our nature to spread the message of Financial Independence and serve as a mentor for anyone who truly wants to achieve it.

You have the ability to shape your future for the better. Take ownership and do what it takes to discover and live your best life.

Fiology and those who support it will be here to provide knowledge and encouragement along the way.

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Financial Independence

Spend Planning with Holly Morphew

Spend Planning: Bye Bye Budget!

May 7, 2024

Spend Planning Defined Spend Planning is not just a financial strategy; it’s a transformational approach that reshapes how we manage our finances.…

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These Financial Independence Coaches are committed to your best personal and financial interest.

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CampFI - Together We FI

An all-inclusive weekend event where fans of Financial Independence gain insight, inspiration, and lifelong friendships.

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fiology workbook

The Fiology Course and Workbook

Your Guide to Financial Independence

When you enroll in the FREE 52 Lesson Fiology course, you will receive a fillable ebook version of this workbook containing worksheets and helpful trackers to help measure your progress and establish your most effective habits.


We're so glad this workbook exists...

We're so glad this workbook exists because now we can point people to ONE place to get all the details, tips, and guidance they need to achieve Financial Independence.
Julien & Kiersten / creators of rich and REGULAR


You can't do any better than this...

The Fiology workbook is practical, comprehensive, and grounded in the wisdom of people actually achieving Financial Independence.
Chad Carson / author of Retire Early with Real Estate


Uplevel your financial life...

An incredible, invaluable tool for anyone looking to uplevel their financial life.
Kelsa Dickey / founder of the Financial Coach Academy and host of the Fiscal Fitness podcast