CampFI Southeast 2021 – The Experience

CampFI Southeast 2021 January - The Experience - Fiology

What is CampFI? CampFI is a 4-day, 3-night weekend event where fans of Financial Independence gather to gain insight, inspiration, and incredible lifelong friendships. CampFI Southeast was held from 8 – 11 January and was the first CampFI held in 2021. CampFI is short for Camp Financial Independence. The founder, Stephen Baughier, held the first … Read more

We’re Talking Millions! 12 Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement

This is the image for a book review of the Paul Merriman and Richard Buck book called We're Talking Millions! 12 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement. It depicts the book title and book cover image.

We’re Talking Millions! I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Paul Merriman, the coauthor of We’re Talking Millions! 12 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement, in October of 2019. He presented a discussion about 12 Million-Dollar Investment Decisions Every Investor Must Make and his Two Funds For Life investing strategy. The event was held at … Read more

Generational Wealth Origins – Raising Your Money-Savvy Family

This image is the header for the Fiology Book Review of Raising Your Money-Savvy Family for Next Generation Financial Independence by Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner

What is generational wealth?  Generational wealth is defined as the value of assets passed from one generation to the next. It can include real estate, intellectual property, businesses, and/or collectibles. Why are so few in a position to pass down considerable financial resources to the next generation? And when someone has learned to build generational … Read more


Financial Independence with Geoarbitrage by Kally and Zach - Fiology

Once our eyes are opened to the world of Financial Independence, we begin to focus on what works best for us to achieve FI sooner rather than later. Zach and I determined to pursue Financial Independence with Geoarbitrage. This is our FI story. Zach and I met in the Spring of 2017 in the most … Read more


A Financial Independence Awakening by Justin David Carl - Fiology

From Financial Ruin to Recovery My Financial Independence (FI) Awakening was born out of financial ruin. I was 6 years behind on my personal taxes and had $40K worth of debt weighing down on me. I felt ashamed. I was beyond frustrated with my financial position to the point that I mostly tried to avoid … Read more


From College to Financial Independence in Six Steps by Steven and Lauren Keys - Fiology

We rarely think about retirement, much less achieving Financial Independence after college, during our college days or early twenties. We were fortunate to discover Financial Independence early on and shape our life so that we can appreciate the many freedoms it ushers. The two keys to Financial Independence everyone knows about are increasing your income … Read more


Financial Independence is a Way of Life by David Cole - Fiology

Even though we all have our unique money journeys, I think my story is normal and I am just your average guy. I am an enlisted Marine who made far too many financial mistakes through my career, as many enlisted members do. Thankfully, I made some OK decisions along the way, like investing in the … Read more


Financial Independence: Easy as One, Two, Three by Krizelle Pum - Fiology

I can’t believe that it’s only been a little over two years since my husband and I discovered Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE). It’s crazy that in such a short period of time, we were able to get closer to financial independence. And it didn’t take much, but a little bit of intentionality. Our journey … Read more


Having Faith in Financial Independence by Becky and Stephen Heptig - Fiology

I’m Becky, I’m 64 years old and have been married to Stephen for more than 40 years. We have three adult children. Like many, we’ve faced life challenges and didn’t always make the most calculated or ideal financial choices. While we are fortunate to have found sound financial footing, we’ve come a long way since … Read more