Fiology Lesson that encourages automating finances and daily routine.


Once we automate our finances, and our investing specifically, we can focus on other important aspects of our lives with the assurance that we are well on our way to Financial Independence. Our stress levels may decrease while our account balances increase with regular contributions coupled with the power of compound interest. This lesson not only describes why automation is important, but gives specific guidance on how we can incorporate automation into our FI plan and other aspects of our lives.

Read:  Your Automatic Investment Plan  by David Weliver of

Read:  Automation and Organization: A Recipe for Success  by Cody of This blog post describes how we can use automating in many aspects of our life, including finances.

Watch:  MMS009: Tips for Automating Your Finances  by Kyle Prevost of

Listen:  Episode 017: Automating Your Finances  by Chris Browning of

Read:  Should You Automate Your Finances?  by Liz of

Take Action: Based on the resources provided in this lesson, determine what steps you can take today to set up automated payments and/or transfers to reduce the number of routine financial decisions/actions you make. Then, over time, become more assertive and invest a higher percentage of your income.

Additional Resources:

Watch:  David Bach’s 7 Places Your Money Needs To Go Automatically  by David Bach of on YouTube

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