Renting vs Buying a House – What’s Best for FI?

This is a Fiology Lesson Header image displaying the title Renting vs Buying a House - What's Best for FI?. It shows a key entering a door to enter into a house.

Renting vs buying a house is a major decision. Housing is our largest monthly expense and it can significantly impact our FI plan. Assuming that living under a family member’s roof and paying little or no rent is not an option, this decision should be deliberated at great length. There is no shortage of articles … Read more

Pension Plans and Your Financial Independence

Fiology Lesson 14: The Pension Dimension

What are pension plans? Pension plans are funds to which an employee and/or employer contributes. The expectation is that the value of this fund grows over time. The employee then receives periodic payments to support their lifestyle in retirement. In the U.S., prior to the 1980s, a company or government Defined Benefit Plan (DBP), commonly … Read more

Passive Index Fund Investing to Build Wealth

Passive index fund investing is a preferred method of wealth-building by many pursuing Financial Independence. Most people do not have the time and motivation to conduct the in-depth research to confidently pick individual stocks in companies that will make them Financially Independent. We would need to know if a stock is undervalued or overvalued, how … Read more

Decision-Making in Alignment With Your Values

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What is decision-making based on values? Merriam-Webster defines decision-making as the act or process of deciding something especially with a group of people. Each one of us walks our own path through life. We are individuals with unique beliefs, views, experiences, and desires. We receive plenty of recommendations from friends, family, coworkers, and others with … Read more

Bad Habits – Break Them Before They Break You

This is a header image for the Fiology Lesson Bad Habits - Break Them Before They Break You. It depicts a magnifying glass over the words Do My Habits Wreak Havoc? to indicate that we need to take a deeper look at our habits and how we can change them to improve our lives.

Bad habits need to be identified, examined, and dealt with. You know bad habits can result in increased stress, anxiety, and health issues. We all exhibit behaviors or do things we know aren’t good for us. We may even justify them in some abstract way but deep down we know our justifications don’t hold up … Read more

How To Get Out of Debt in Order To Build Wealth

Fiology Lesson 8: Overcome Debt

Having debt and planning to be Financially Independent feels like starting a baseball game already down five runs. It’s a tough position to be in for sure. However, the good news is you have the ability to come back from your deficit. And before you know it, you’ll be toasting to your well-earned victory. There … Read more

How to Budget For Financial Independence

This is the Fiology lesson image for how to budget for financial independence. It shows a man and a woman tossing money into the air carelessly. It has the quote "A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went." by John C. Maxwell.

Do you know how to budget? There are many philosophies and tools to be familiar with when deciding to give budgeting a try. The first step in developing a budget is tracking your spending. We need be aware of where our money is going and reroute it to where we know it will make a … Read more

Compound Interest Can Make You Rich!

This is the header image for the Fiology lesson Compound Interest Can Make You Rich! It displays mature trees to act as a metaphor for the how compound interest grows and strengthens our net worth over time.


Discussion: Compound Interest has been referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World.  Whether Einstein actually said that or not is debatable but what is not up for debate is the ridiculous phenomenon of Compound Interest.  Sure, we’ve all heard the term Compound Interest but how many of us have truly explored its power?  The content in this lesson refreshes our understanding of Compound Interest and brings to the forefront just how positive a force this can have on our lives and the lives of those we care about.  As we go through these presentations, focus on the element of time and how even a seemingly small money move made today can result in long-term wealth.