Fiology Lesson 2: Why FI?


You now have your definition of Financial Independence (FI) and are intrigued enough to pursue FI – but why? It is important to know the why because this journey can be long, challenging, and at times boring. Knowing the “why” keeps us motivated. And if we truly understand our “why”, we will have the answer when our friends and family ask, “So what’s all this Financial Independence stuff about?” You’ll confidently retort with your “why”.

Watch:  What’s your why? My talk from Camp FI in April  by J.D. Roth of

Read:  5 Reasons to Pursue Financial Independence  by Roshawn Watson

Listen:  The Why of FI  by Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa of

Read:  16 Great Reasons to Become Financially Independent  by Jillian of with your significant other, best friend, or close relative.  Discuss the relevance it has in your life now and the relevance it may have in your future.

Take Action:  For each of the 16 Great Reasons, consider how you believe your life will be affected when you reach Financial Independence. Write these ideas in a journal and refer to them often to remind you why you have chosen to achieve Financial Independence.

Additional Resources:

Read:  Emotions of Financial Independence  by Brandon of

Read:  Valuable Lessons from My First Year of Freedom  by Brandon of

Read:  Financial Independence- The Best Thing Money Can Buy  by Aardvark Advisor of

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