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Saturday, April 3rd is National Find A Rainbow Day. While I think the national day was establised to encourage people to literally go outside and look for a rainbow, I take it as a reminder to look for optimism, hope, and beauty every single day.

I’m typing this article from a desk, on the island of Oahu, looking out over a tropical landscape. Many rainbows over the last few months have visited the skies here. I’m sure I’ll see at least a few more before heading back to the mainland.

I’m 43 and each time I see one, I’m struck with wonder, as if I were a kid again. First, it isn’t often you find rainbows so just the fact they are rare, in places other than Hawaii, makes them a striking novelty. And then there is the mystery behind them. Admittedly I don’t know exactly how rainbows are created – something about moisture in the air and reflection and refraction in the atmosphere. That’s about all I know.

When we find a rainbow…

Find a Rainbow in Hawaii
A Rainbow in Hawaii

Most of the time we don’t go intentionally looking for a rainbow. It often catches us off guard. But we are glad we experienced it. Sometimes good things in life are like that. You hear a kid laughing, you see someone doing a good deed, or for no particular reason you are having a wonderful day. Notice those things and appreciate them.

Sometimes the environment isn’t such that a rainbow readily appears and it is more challenging to find the beautiful things in our lives. Does it mean they aren’t there? No. It means that things are going on that are clouding the view. Perhaps our relationships, jobs, or health issues are presenting challenges.

Our lives, at times, can look downright miserable. That doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to feel hopeful or optimistic, we just have to be open to seeing more, willing to broaden our aperture. They are there. Even when things feel the toughest, there are reasons to be grateful. It isn’t easy, but recognizing this can keep us grounded and less likely to let the hard times take a stronghold on our mindset.

Sometimes we see double rainbows!

Double Rainbow in Denver Colorado
Double Rainbow in Denver Colorado

Even in Hawaii, you don’t see double rainbows often. But they do occur. And when they do, take the opportunity to think, wow, this is pretty great.

When things happen in our lives that are particularly amazing, like having a child, finding love, or getting that dream job, these are your double rainbows. They don’t come around often. Enjoy them and appreciate them as long as you have them.

National Finding A Rainbow Day comes around once a year but by practicing gratitude everyday, we can experience more optimism, hope, and beauty in our lives.

Here’s to finding rainbows.

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