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Fiology Lesson 50: The Dynamic Journey


Fiology thanks Miss Mazuma for shaping this lesson.  

As we’ve discovered by now, even within the FI community, there is a spectrum of people with varying styles and habits that range from extreme frugality, content to live on $25K a year or less, to what some may consider lavish, deciding that living on more than $100K a year is what brings them happiness. Personalities, beliefs, circumstances, wants, and many other factors shape our own unique paths. It is the non-mathematical factors that make things a little more complex. The great part about Financial Independence is that while money is an important aspect, it becomes only a tool that we use to support the pursuit of happiness, forever, should we choose.

Our own journeys are unique to us as individuals. Tony Robbins is known for saying “Progress equals Happiness.” If this is truly the case, then there is much to be happy about if you’ve progressed, no matter how slow or quickly, towards Financial Independence.  

This lesson differs from the ones prior by demonstrating that life happens along the way. It isn’t always about the numbers, and that you will have passions other than racing to the number. And that is just fine, that’s life on the way to living the FI life. You will find more references in this lesson because I wanted to share a variety of perspectives. Enjoy the journey!        

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Take Action: Think about the increase in knowledge and confidence you’ve developed in shaping your perspective and skills supporting your Financial Independence journey.  Focus on your progress and accomplishments. Recognize that lessons were learned during the stumbles or most challenging times and that these lessons will serve you and your family’s future well.

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