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Fiology Lesson 51: Living the FI Life

Once we’ve overcome our internal struggle with the One More Year Syndrome and set a date to pull the trigger from traditional work, life changes – in most cases for the better. We are all unique and not quite certain how we will feel or what we will be doing in the next chapter of our journey. But as the experiences shared in this lesson indicate, we can be excited for what is in store for us. There are many more of these reflections online, after reading these, or whenever you want even more motivation to reach your goals, search them out to get a glimpse into your future.


Take Action:

  1. You may or may not have reached Financial Independence as of today. Whether you have or haven’t, take some time to think about what it means for you and those around you. Have you intentionally put in place the habits you want to establish. Have you given yourself room to adapt and grow. We know Financial Independence can help usher happiness but we also know that money doesn’t make you happy. Attempt to schedule an ideal day in your new FI Life that represents all of the lessons learned, or anticipated lessons learned. If you aren’t yet Financially Independent, don’t wait. Start living with intention today.

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“These days I’m extremely hypercompetitive at not being competitive.” – Doug Nordman

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