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Financial Independence with Geoarbitrage by Kally and Zach - Fiology

Financial Independence With Geoarbitrage

September 1, 2020

Once our eyes are opened to the world of Financial Independence, we begin to focus on what works best for us to achieve FI sooner rather than later. Zach and I determined to pursue Financial Independence with Geoarbitrage. This is our FI story. Zach and I met in the Spring of 2017 in the most…

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A Financial Independence Awakening by Justin David Carl - Fiology

A Financial Independence Awakening

August 28, 2020

From Financial Ruin to Recovery My Financial Independence (FI) Awakening was born out of financial ruin. I was 6 years behind on my personal taxes and had $40K worth of debt weighing down on me. I felt ashamed. I was beyond frustrated with my financial position to the point that I mostly tried to avoid…

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