Fiology Lesson 52: FI-vangelism

Congratulations! You’ve finished a thorough exploration of the critical concepts of Financial Independence. Think of where you were a year ago and the progress you made along the way and how much better your future will be for it. Of course you didn’t incorporate everything you learned (surprise, no one does) but you did increase … Read more


Fiology Lesson 51: Living the FI Life

Once we’ve overcome our internal struggle with the One More Year Syndrome and set a date to pull the trigger from traditional work, life changes – in most cases for the better. We are all unique and not quite certain how we will feel or what we will be doing in the next chapter of … Read more


Fiology Lesson 50: The Dynamic Journey

Fiology thanks Miss Mazuma for shaping this lesson.   As we’ve discovered by now, even within the FI community, there is a spectrum of people with varying styles and habits that range from extreme frugality, content to live on $25K a year or less, to what some may consider lavish, deciding that living on more … Read more


Fiology Lesson 48: Caring For Aging Parents

Time marches on, for us and for those we care about. When we are young we think of our parents as permanent and only much later realize that isn’t the case. We all grow old and eventually die. That journey is difficult for us and for those who take on the responsibilities of helping us … Read more


Fiology Lesson 47: Dream Big!

Why did you choose Financial Independence? For most of us it’s so that we have the option to focus on things in our lives that bring us happiness and fulfillment. For some, this means spending more time with family and friends, for some it means continuing to do work they love, and still for others … Read more

REITs: Should You Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

This is a header image for the Fiology lesson REITs: Should You Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts? It depicts a hammock hanging from a palm tree on a beach to represent the possibility of passive income from REITS supporting a preferred lifestyle.

What are REITs? REITs or real estate investment trusts are companies that own and operate real estate. The real estate held can include a variety of asset types including commercial, residential, resorts, and even the the actual mortgages and loans. Shares of these companies can be purchased from brokerage firms just as you would any … Read more

Sequence of Returns Risk: Don’t Risk Your Retirement

This is the header image for the Fiology lesson Sequence of Returns Risk: Don't Risk Your Retirement. The image depicts a sign that indicates warning, there may be trouble ahead, proceed with caution to indicate we need to be aware of the risks returns, positive or negative, can have on our intentions to retire early and stay retired.

Do not ignore sequence of returns risk. Sequence of returns risk can make or break your plans of becoming and remaining financially independent or retired. What determines our investment success? Silly question! Returns, of course! The higher the average compound return the higher your final portfolio value. Indeed, for buy-and-hold investors, the compound average growth … Read more

Stoicism: The Philosophy of Financial Independence

This is a header image for the Fiology lesson Stoicism: The Philosophy of Financial Independence. The image depicts metal balls transferring energy to depict observing reaction to stimuli.

What Does Stoicism Have To Do With Financial Independence? Stoicism is defined as a practical philosophy that provides a way to think about how we interpret stimuli, both positive and negative, so that we can respond in a controlled and appropriate manner. The process of saving and investing on the way to achieving Financial Independence … Read more